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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

IT WORKED! Five days after warning the guy of my fine penmenship receivied my refund!!! The guy was kind of a jerk about it though, inferred in the letter enclosed with my refund check that he thought I was ripping him off, that back in April they sent the substitute tape I suggested I'd accept in lieu of a refund and that they should have sent it with delivery conformation. ie. Implying that I got the tape and now was ripping them off for the money too. Funny thing though, they never contacted me saying they agreed to the substitution or advised me of the shipment. I don't believe they ever sent it.

They also said that I should have contacted them right away when I did'nt get anything rather than waiting another four months to contact them . . . well a) I did'nt expect anything as they did'nt say anything was to be expected and b) In that four months I called and left messgs. five times and e-mailed several times. They said that if I did I might have gotten faster results then with my "Scathingly threatening e-mail" of this week SAY WHAT? Asking for my money or I'll tell everyone you won't give it to me is scathingly threatening, among other things? Trying to put the 'Black hat' on me for your failures. . . like this whole thing was my fault? They may think so but lets see . . . two and one-half years of countless Mr. Nice guy 'please refund my money' requests: results = $0 . . . vs. one stern e-mail demand for refund or else I'll tell on you, result = $30 in five days.

In the future if after a couple of trys of the plan 'A' 'nice-guy' method without result the plan 'B' tough customer, "give it up or else" is going to come out alot sooner. Indeed the pen is mighiter than the sword (or at least whining forever begging for satisfaction) IT REALLY WORKED!!!!
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