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Default Schweizer 1-26D Sterling Short Kits

I am offering rekits of all of the Sterling line of sailplanes and some of their "backyard" or "parkflier" size power planes which are suitable for electric power.

In the sailplanes we have plan sets and canopies (with CAD drawn patterns where not shown on the original) for the E7 Cirrus, E3 Diamant, Schweizer FS28 SGS 1-26D and FS26 SGS 1-34 and A27 SGS 2-32.

We have laser cut kits for the 1-26D and will soon for the 1-34 and the Cirrus.

We have plans (most include enough patterns to build) for the FS35 Mini Fledgling, the FS19 Royal Coachman, the K7 Piper Vagabond, the K1 Aeronca Champion, the FS1 Piper Tri-Pacer and are adding more all of the time.

We also have original designs of the 1-26E in 1:5 and 1:6 scale (80" 2m and 96" 2.4 meter) which are available as plans and canopies or short and long kits or ARFs with fiberglass fuselages and very high quality foam wings with obechi sheeting and all the work done and also offer an ARF of the SGS 1-36 Sprite T-tail in 111" span 2.8 meters. We are working on the 2-32 which will be out in one month at 114" or 2.9 meters and followed by the 1-23 in woodie and ARF at 130" 3.3 meters (WOW! that's my plane!).

We are also developing scale SAILPLANES in foamie for those of you who like them tough. Right now we are working on the T-tailed SGS 1-36 in a 2 meter span.

See us at www.tmrcsailplanes.com