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Default Changing TX battery in my Futaba T6XAS

I have been using my Futaba T6 Transmitter for about 5 years and now realize that the original 600 mah batteries are not holding the capacitance they once did. I maybe can get 4 flight before I must recharge.

My question is this, when I pull the battery out of my T6XAS will the settings I have stored for all of my airplanes be lost?

This transmitter has a 6 model capacity and I have all of the models used. I would prefer not to have to reset and retrim all of my airplanes, but if I must, I will.

BTW, I am replacing the original 600mah nicad with 1650mah NiMh, I should be able to fly all day without recharging.

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.