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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

After writing the original post for this thread, I finally feel it's time to provide some comments back to this thread.

Being a small shop is absolutely no excuse for bad, and in some cases, rude service. I know they employ at least a few people because I called a good 3-4 times and never spoke to the infamous Sal that everyone refers to (and who is quoted on some of their product pages). I'm not doubting he might be a nice guy. At a minimum though, the people that work for him were not always so cordial. Based on the inventory NSP shows on their site, I'd be willing to bet good money they're not just a garage operation -- unless they're doing all drop shipping, which I don't think is the case.

Saying that a small place doesn't have time to deal with customers and their complaints (which, by the way, were not the reasons for any of the calls I made that resulted in bad service) is totally contrary to how things should be. For example, when I go into a small local hardware store, they are almost always the nicest people I meet around town -- very helpful and kind. Conversely, the larger chains often employ less knowledgable people and are shorter in their responses. With the growth of huge retail chains and similarly huge online stores, smaller shops like NSP NEED to provide good service to compete with larger companies that can afford to sell at lower margins.

I dealt with a handful of both online and brick & mortar shops that have gone above and beyond the call in terms of service -- and those are the places I don't mind spending money at.

Whether a company employs 1 or 10,000 people -- service is service. That's all there is to it. NSP should not be exempt from this rule.