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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products


My experience in retail trade over the years has been that product knowledge, courtesy, and integrity are the main stays to building a profitable customer base. One of the benefits of this is you simply create a loyal satisfied customer.

A fellow flier and I are in the market for Hi-Start tubing, price is not a object, do I intend to be possibly treated with rudeness and indifference, don't think so.

Now back to customer base. If i had decided to spend my "piddly" money on this product, say Eighty dollars, and if I was happy with the transaction my repeat business, word of mouth advertising would easily be earned. If this was repeated with 100 loyal satisfied customers, you would be looking at 8 grand in sales, which in this day and time is nothing to sneeze at.

With that I close and thank you thank you all with the help with making our decision to buy elsewhere.