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Default RE: NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Northeast Sailplane Products

Well Well, Having been involved it the retail trade a good portion of my working carrier, starting as a teenager working at a five man autoparts supplier to Dept. Supervisor of Home Electroincs at one of the major Natl. dept. stores that employed 500,000 people . . . There is NO such thing as a 'whinner' when it comes to customer service. Although the customer may be mistaken in their demands it's more likely we have failed to meet their expectations with our product or service. If you want to play store you'd better have what it takes do deal with unhappy people and not take it personally. I for one would never tell a customer to give me the money now, that we had something in stock when we didn't or we'd be getting something in a few days when I knew we wouldn't have it for several weeks. In fact through experience I learned to tell customers that the product they wanted would take longer to come than I knew it would. Lets say I knew something was comming next Monday, I'd say Friday . . . customers were always glad to get the call that their order had come in 'early' but there'd be hell to pay if I'd said Monday and it came Friday and I'm not much into 'self-abuse'. Some retailers can't resisit getting the 'mark's' money in the till today and letting them wait, it's an all too often used ploy among small time places that have a small monopoly with the products they sell (like sailplane suff) once they get the money, let the clown stew they'll wait.

I think with my two and a half year of troubles is the guy figured by stone-walling me I'd just go away . . . It was 'only' $30 and I did almost let it go but kept comming across the Orig. recept from time to time and when I did I'd call or e-mail him. Always was told he'd take care of it but never did. Being a former Mgr. of various retail operations, first in line to talk to 'upset' customers and part of my job was to try to "make them happy' without giving the store away, at those moments I was to that customer the entire JCPenney Co. How I handled him would not only influince if he'd ever come back to our stores, but on adverage nine of his friends next buying decision would be also influenced by how I performend. I became determined to get my money back from this clown. I wanted to be treated as well as I once treated my customers. I gave this man at least ten chances to square up before I threatend him with my writing campain. In my final e-mail to him informing him that I recivied his check I said in closing that it "didn't/shouldn' have had to be this way, that maybe he should try another business cause he certianly wasn't going to get anymore of mine or anyone I knew if I have my way. I am keeping my promise of not telling his company's name here but after what he implied in his refund letter I'm awfully tempted but you see, unlike him . . . I am a retail professional and take pride in keeping my word.
Rick K