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Default MPJET Gearbox Broke... Now what????

Last weekend I took my 2M modified Spirit Glider for a fly for the 3rd time... Damn winter.. Cant fly much when it is raining and windy... and COLD!!!

Anyway, my setup was a MEGA 16/15/3, MPJET 3.8:1 planetary gearbox , Castle Creation Phoenix 45, 7-cell KAN1050 and a 13x8 prop...

Now that for some reason, the pinion gear and/or outgear managed to destroy itself, I am left with a couple of options that I have been thinking about...

1. Replace the MPJET with another MPJET Gearbox and see how long this one lasts....
2. Replace the gearbox with one that can handle more power (such as a MAXON gearbox)...
3. Replace the 13x8 with a smaller prop (say a 6x5) and go direct drive....

I've had a quick look on the forum, but havent come across a similar problem...

I know going direct drive with a 15/15/3 would draw more amps, but I'm not sure how it would change if I go to a smaller prop...

Any comments?? Opinions?? Solutions???