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Default Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!

I maidened my Clancy Lazy Bee tonight, and I must say that I love the way that this airplane looks in the sky. My problem is that I had to maintain almost full power to keep the bird in the air. I purchased the combo from Hobby People, it was their special ARF with the radio, servos, motor, esc included. Here are the specs.

Super 400 Cobalt motor direct drive motor with a 7x3 prop
a 7 cell, 8.4V, CP1300 Sanyo Ni-Cd battery pack from Watt-Age
and a wattage c-30a esc.

I was thinking of adding a gearbox and maybe a larger prop to the plane. Don't get me wrong, it flew very well. (almost floated in the air) I just would like a bit more get up and go so I can do some loops, etc. It just seems to be underpowered. Any advice would be appreciated.