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Default RE: Help?? My Clancy Lazy Bee Lacks Power!

Mine flew for the first time Sunday, I broke it in earlier as recommended with the provided 3 pitch prop and a couple D-Cells. I'm using 10 cells, the ones on sale now for $20 (I got them on an earlier sale for $10, I believe) which are only 500 mAh. Had to make a box, to mount the battery in the nose. I bought an 8X4 APC -E prop for it.

What a blast! I cycled the batteries a couple times, first (Matt gave me that tip a few months ago) and the first flight was just a riot. Only a few minutes, but hey, this was money well spent. That Bee was on sale in June for $100 (with the SC400, speed control and radio with servos) and it's on sale again now for $120. I'd recommend it! If you want long flights, probably better use a more expensive battery than I did.

Anyway, it's a rush to yank the rudder on this thing and watch it roll/spin/lurch. Loops are, oh, maybe 5' in diameter. Aw, heck, didn't buy it for a pattern ship, it's a novelty! I think everyone watching was grinning.

Next time, I'll watch that rear-mounted throttle lever, tho... boy, was my face red... but that's another story!

Good luck!
Dave Olson