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Default RE: Honest opinions welcome

Get a good sim, G2 works well. Learn on there first. The sim will pay for itself in about 20 minutes. You will crash the heli, but if you learn on the sim, you may not. I learned before sims and taught myself on helis and never crashed, but that is pretty rare. Take your time and you will do fine. Get impatient and you will blow one up.

The sim will teach you the basics, then put training gear on the heli and start out in a large parking lot and get it just light enough on the skids to move it. Learn to put it where you want, moving forward, back, side to side and all. Then lift it a couple inches and do it again. Once you get that, lift a foot and do it again. Takes some time but you can learn it on your own pretty easy.

Someone to help you set it up is a huge help though. That makes more difference than anything. Flying a heli that is not set up right kills the fun and can be dangerous.

Good luck. If you have questions, ask them. We will help all we can.