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Default RE: Honest opinions welcome

The zoom may not be the best choice to learn on a heli. I hate to say it but but even though you do fly airplanes, which will help a little in ff but as far as hovering, it'll be starting from scratch. The Corona will be the best way to start off, it is fixed pitch so it is more simple and less things to break, also it is very durable and it holds it's value well so you can sell it easily. It's also going to be a lot easier to set up and you won't need as many extras like a pitch gauge and tachometer. Learn to hover with that, then sell it and get the Zoom if you wish, that would be the best bet. Make sure you get yourself a good heli radio though for future heli's.

As far as your assumption that damage is really minimal just because you hover slightly over the ground, yes it will be less than if you crashed from 40 feet but even if you just tipped it over, you can do some pretty good damage to it and you'll be ordering parts and wrenching. With the Corona, majority of the time, a tip or even a crash from a few feet, if you cut the power in time, won't do any damage that will prevent you from flying right away again.

Either way, heli's are fun and really addicting!