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Default RE: Tricycle gear question.

A model with a nose-low stance will present a few difficulties on takeoff. Because the nose is pointed down, most models will stay firmly planted on the runway as they gain speed. You'll gradually apply 'up' elevator until you get enough to rotate. This is usually a bit much, and the model pops off the ground and goes very nose high. A quick punch forward on the stick will be needed, but too much, and the model heads down again. Overcorrect with 'up' stick, and you get the rollercoaster.

Landings, though, are easier because you can have the model touch level, and the nose will immediately go down. The nose-low position firmly plants the model on the runway with little chance of a bounce.

The best stance is with the plane dead level. It won't take much elevator to rotate for takeoff, and you'll be able to do it smoothly, and you'll be able to have nice nose-high landings, but even level landings will tend to not bounce.