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Default RE: 72mhz AM tx with 75mhz crystal

i know it's not right...what i want to know is how does this set up work???i'm using it for small 1\8 & 1\2A two channel models...i have another radio for my big planes...if i buy a AM 72mhz rx and put a AM 75 mhz crystal in it will it work with the tx???
i bought it at a swap meet,not knowing it was set up like this...the rx was in a plane at the time and i had no way to check it...i crashed the plane due to battery failure...thats when i found this set up...i still want to use it with the small planes i build...i have two planes built but only one rx...


the rx looks like didn't have a case with it in the plane...from what i can tell,the servo plugs and the place where the crystal goes are the same...