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Default RE: Extra 300s .60 Set up

Hello, I have a .60 GP Extra 300S. you can still run 5 servos into a 4-CH radio. The Y-Harness is used in the aileron setup because each wing half is utilizing one servo. When you get a Y-harness, you hook one of the servos to one receiveing end of the Y-harness and the other servo to the other half of the Y-harness. Once that is done, all your left with is the tail of the Y-harness that plugs into Channel 1 of the receiver. This way both aileron servos operate in unison when you move the aileron stick on the Transmitter.

A standard servo for example, the (Futaba 3003) with about 45oz/torque is sufficient for the ailerons and elevators. by using a drill bit the size of the servo mounting screws, you can bore out the correct size holes for the servo. Don't use a drill too large. It can cause the servo screws to come off over time and then un expectedly lose a servo; not to mention a plane.