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Default RE: seagull models

Like most overgeneralisations based upon a singular bad experience and written in the emotional heat of the moment, this one too contains elements of truth liberally sprinkled with exaggerative bias.

Seagull ARFs are built in Vietnam to a price. They are not yet as well constructed as World Models ARFs, as is reflected in their respective pricing. A minimum of research accompanied by a modicum of intelligence only is required to establish this.

The upside? Seagull represent exceptional value for money. With a minimum of applied initiative, you can achieve a decent flying result for about half the price of the World Models equivalent ARF. The downside? They usually require the odd hardware item replacment and frequently, some minor modification during construction. Their manuals are utterly atrocious and often in error, so it helps to have a little previous assembly experience or an inquiring mind and some common sense. You pays your money and you makes your choice. You can't have it both ways......yet.

Seagull (Black Horse & Phoenix) product is constantly improving, very much so lately with the noticible acquisition of laser cutting equipment. Unfortunately, according to user feedback the Seagull Corsair appears to be a particularly poor example from the company as this is the second report I've read condeming it, but that is not IME generally indicative of ALL or current Seagull product.

Although I prefer World Models ARFs, I prefer to pay for Seagull. I'm with young Adrian in that I've had positive experiences with my Seagull ARFs, undoubtedly balanced by reaslistic expectations that I might have to do a little modifying if I want to save some cash. For those who want it all out of the box, buy World Models but even then don't expect a product which resembles the perfection of your dreams.