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Default RE: Subaru Impreza WRC 1/10 Bycmo

Hi Rodney,
Welcome to the forum, it will be good to hear how you are getting along with the construction and running of the Bycmo WRC model from time to time, as you have read Steve and me have had a few problems, we still have come to that!
I see that you are up to issue 31 the speed controller [mechanical] as with yours our ones came assembled, after my car was completed and running it was one of the first things to fail, the plastic disc that contains the brass contacts overheated and melted , I rebuilt it using two part epoxy resin but I think it will have to be replaced with an electronic controller that is if I ever get the car to run again, you see the next thing that went was the differential that was way back in August I am still waiting to see if Agostini are going to replace it.
You ask about the speed of the finished car, my one when it ran could hit about 25 to 28 MPH the guys at the track laughed their cxxxks off! But quite frankly I don’t think that the chassis would handle any more speed, like Steve said it would fall to bits. So I reckon that you are right to be sceptical about the cars performance, but you will have good fun building it and even more fun getting Agostini to replace the faulty parts.