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Default RE: TF GS P47 Build - yeah another bloody one!!

Hi Pete
You Dawg! I know what you mean. Got a question have you thought of how you what to power the receiver and servos. I was looking at a power box 40/24 from power box systems. It seems like this unit is for aerobatic planes but the unit would work great with any giant size planes. I like how the unit isolates the servo power from the receiver power and amplifies the signals for multiple servos controls. The unit is a little pricey but I think it is worth it. What is another $250. after you have a easy 1 to 2k in to a plane. I think of it as insurance. The P-47 was best known for survivability over the battle field. I think the power box will put survivability in to the P-47 at the fling field. This is the only system I've found I'm sure their is others dose anyone have any comments on the subject? BobH? As for the build it looks great I don't known what it is but a balsa frame on a building board brings a smile to my face. Let the sanding begin!!!