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Default RE: Cirrus Micro Joule Flight Packs

Hi Mike, I have been reading your and Gregs posts on the MJ system, I bought this stuff when they first came out...many months ago.. got around to building a Road Kill P-38 and installing the MJ..the servos act like they are making pudding...with short periods of pause..the range check is about 35 ft before the whole system goes wackO. Antenna is routed away from the esc, and the receiver is also safe from bad RF..but NG for flying..I think I may have got some of the earlier bad stuff.... You mentioned in your last post that maybe I could trade in for the newer receiver and servos, think Hobby People would go for this...still have the plastic box and other stuff that came with it. The push rods on the RK are music wire, and when I would tap the rudder rod, the result was kaos... connections are all good.battery is up...It seems to act the same with motors running or not. I don't see any caps on the motors...if the motors are not running would there still be the glitch problems in the system? Any ideas? Thanks for any help you may give me... Jim