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Default RE: Cirrus Micro Joule Flight Packs


If you've had it for a while and it still looks new, and if it came from HP, they will take it back for refund or replacement. If yours are dancing with the motor off, I'd trade it in for a newer version. Hobby People has been moving a lot of them and their stock should all be fresh by now. If the motor is off, it should not produce any noise; the noise comes from the brushes making and breaking contact and the resulting sparking.

The tapping on the rudder (wire) pushrod suggests that there is something else happening here as well. I use K&B brass rod for the servo connection and it is attached to CF push rod, which in turn is terminated in another peice of wire riding in a wooden horm. I don't see any chaos when my controls are tapped, stroked or wiggled. I think CF is supposed to be radio-noisy, but it doesn't seem to be a problem to me. You might try replacing the wire with CF rod or even balsa sticks (with wire ends, of course) to see it that helps