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Default RE: Cirrus Micro Joule Flight Packs

Thanks for the quick response to my MJ questions...I use CF rods on my other planes with the RFF100, and have good luck with range and glitch free (well almost) fights. All the control horns on the P-38 are wood, so no noise there, maybe the control horns on the servos, they look like copper or brass, I havn;t tried to stick a magnet on them to see whats up? Anyways I;ll try the trade path with HP and see what happens. Do you know of any Micro or indoor flying that might be happing here in our area? mid Calif. or so...The Stockton club had a indoor fun fly last year, with slow stick races and other neat stuff. Met a lot of great people and got to swop ideas and other lies.... maybe again this winter... again thanks Electric Jim