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Default RE: GMS Engine Tuning Problem


This GMS muffler is the same as the Tower/Hobbico muffler.
It is used in stock form by many, as a low grade tuned pipe, since it adds significantly to the power of OS.40 and .46FX engines, Thunder Tiger Pro .46, OS clones of all types, like your GMS and some other engines with the same exhaust configuration.

There have not been many complaints of low fuel pressure with it.

Your solution will probably raise the fuel pressure, but will nullify the whole point of the muffler boost.
The 'open' construction is there for a point (pressure waves, exhaust supercharging) and no baffle exists, intentionally.
It was not inadvertantly left out...

I believe you have another problem with your fuel system.

Your solution is power destructive and you will have less fun flying your model, with less power.

It is like driving with your parking break on and stepping more heavily on the gas pedal to maintain your speed...