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Default RE: Warped Wing on Great Planes Extra 330L

MinnFlyer and Kevod are absolutely correct. When a wing is sheeted on one side or not sheeted at all, you can twist the heck out of it. Once you get all the sheeting in place a warp is pretty much there forever unless the wing is still flexible.

If that's the case, you can try holding it over steam or even twist the wing while shrinking the covering.

Anyway, to answer your other question, if the wing isn't absolutely straight, the aircraft's trim will be speed sensitive. In other words, if you get it trimmed at mid-throttle, it will roll one way when more throttle is applied and the other way when less throttle is applied.

I doubt a plane that isn't absolutely straight would really stand much of a chance against top competitors unless the person flying it was even better because you not only have to perform the maneuvers better than everyone else, but you have to do it with a plane that doesn't fly straight.

While I'm on my soap box, I'd also like to add that it's worth taking all the time necessary to build straight in the first place. To me that means putting everything together without glue and getting it aligned as if it's the real deal.

That step alone, called dry-fitting, will accomplish a couple things. First it will expose any problems that may exist. Second, it gives you practice putting it together and allows you to try different things until you find the best order to assemble things.

Lastly it gives you the opportunity to ensure whatever jigging method you are using actually works.

If it takes a full day to dry fit a fuselage or even a week, it's worth it because once it's done, you have to fly it that way forever. Even if it adds a month to the build, what is that in comparison to having a plane for 5 years that never performs to its potential?