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Default Carden 40% Edge coupling problem

I've got a Carden 40% Edge that's got some knife edge coupling issues. According to Dennis, the plane should have little to no knife edge coupling in it when balanced between 6 1/4 and 7 inches from the leading edge. Currently, I'm balanced at 6 1/4 and the plane has a considerable amount of up elevator mixed in to keep it from going towards the belly in a knife edge. It's around 5-7 degrees. I've got some up trim in it for straight and level flight. The coupling also gets ALOT worse when the plane is rolled level and rudder is applied. What is causing this? I'd like to know any and all things I need to check. Also, the plane has an unusual tendency to try and snap if I pull up too hard or too little. It's not a violent snap. It's easily corrected by a little aileron and rudder. I understand that pulling up too hard causes an accelerated stall, but then why would pulling up harder fix the problem? Adding power doesn't seem to affect it.

Thanks in advance!!