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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly


Gee, that's great! Now all you need is a plane...... Don't you think a build thread for a plane that hasn't shipped yet is a bit premature? Even Chris must be embarrased by this thread. I have confidence that it will be worth the wait but give it a rest till it shows up. Two years of talk and hype (by everyone BUT Chris by the way) is enough already.


I feel I must say something here. I have know Chris for many years, in fact I fly with him every weekend and also fly his planes (even the one that you don't think is going to ship). Several of us at our field fly his prototypes (which are better than most production planes out there) If there is one thing I know - it is that Chris is the kind of person that will make things perfect before shipping anything out the door. As you may have noticed - his currently available .40 sized Edge profile and 68" Yak 54 products are that of master craftsmanship levels! The 87's are coming. I know first hand that they are. So shut up and Fly.