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Default RE: 140 rx fuel

i've been running for some time now 15% nitro, 15% cool power oil. The oil however, is a blend of half red half blue. I found the motor throttled better with thin added. Running only thin oil caused the motor to become a bit rattly. Very soft sound with the combination. F plug and a 17 x 12 apc prop. main needle somewhere around 1 3/4 to 2 turns out depending on atmosphere (need to lean motor a touch when a hot day). low end around half way or factory setting. bearings are japanese quality C3 with high temp seals left in both bearings. C3 refers to the temp the bearing is designed to operate at i think. since installing sealed bearings, have never needed to replace them. 750 to 1000 flights so far with no sign of wear. never used an after run oil.
assuming the motor is tuned properly and has no blockages in tank, pump, carby, replace the ring if the motor sags in the vertical.
when tunning the motor, you should be able to squeeze the fuel line at any throttle setting and have to rev's increase. good way to check the motor is not lean.