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I think one issue is what would be the main focus of the show. The producers would be burdened with the task of deciding who they would want to watch their show. Obviously the more, the better. But they'd have to determine what the rc heads want more/less of. How could they possibly satisfy everyone? Some people love boats but not planes, some onroad but not offroad, some nitro and not electric, and vice versa and etc. There's so much to address in so little time. I think the best solution would be to follow the same procedure that's used on sportscenter on espn. They vary their coverage of EVERY sport, and when, during the broadcast, they show their highlights. This keeps the viewer watching the highlights of sports they don't care for because they don't know want to miss the reports of the games that they DO like. For example, I may not like golf, but I know the football highlights will be shown sometime after golf, so i have to keep on watching.

With all the junk programming that's on tv nowadays(last night there was the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! NO LIE!) I think there's plenty of room for an rc show. What remains is marketing. There is a market for everything. There's a market for PET PSYCHOLOGY. There's a market for this great hobby. Just an idea.