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Default RE: Hostetler 33% Decathlon

Ron, the PT-19 flies just like the real trainer did and is a real pleasure to fly. I use a Sachs 3.7 in it. The plans are typical Hostetler, minimum but adequate information. Very convential construction, balsa and ply.

Back to the Decathlon. I never had any problem with the box/plug wing construction but I do suggest that anyone building this type reinforce the box where it comes flush with the end of the wing with a wrap of 1/2" wide fiberglass and epoxy. This is the highest stress point on the box. The box needs to be constructed with a piece of plug material (ply or bass wood) inside to insure that the width spacing is correct. Be careful not to glue the plug material in the box. To prevent this, do not have the plug material as tall as the box interior. The final plug needs to be a smooth sliding fit. I will probably use aircraft ply for the plug.

For those of you that have the plans to the 33% SD there is a note on the bottom of the bottom of the fuselage sheet that says section F2A. It indicates that this is the "true" length of F16. In no way can I see that it would fit any of the drawings of F16 above even taking into consideration the angles involved. F16 length is pretty critical in that it sets the incidence angle of the wing. What did I miss? BTW I will probably make this piece out of a 3 piece sandwich of 1/8" AC ply to allow for the imbedded wire.