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Default EleBee maiden flight in 10-15mph

Well I maidened mine Monday. I just found out that I actually had the prop on backwards...(text to motor) I had the text away from motor. My Battereis were as follows...CBP 1400NICD and a CBP 1650 NIMH, I maidened her in about 10mph winds...I just had to do it since the weather has been so warm here and it is suppose to be in the 30* area this weekend. I was able to do loops, and double loops from 3/4 throttle at level flight going into wind, using low rates set at 50%... I am loving this thing I really am. As for Vertical i'd say about 150' but I might be wrong. I am using the stock windrider speed 400 motor, but I think I am going to order on of those Trick R/C pusher 400's as it seems to be a brushed motor upgrade from stock..($$$ + wife= no Brushless right now).
I didnt keep track of time on each battery loke normally but o'well, I will next time I fly. BUt I think I flew a total of about 20-30 minutes with both batteries.

I am glad I didnt follow the directions exactly like they show all that fiber tape, as a guy I know did and his sinks like a boat with an anchor....I only did a 1/2" strip on the leading edge, trailing edge, then did a 3" strip left leading to right trailing and the right leading to left trailing edge...I didnt do the other 2-4 strips that they recommend.

So Far I am VERY pleased with the EleBee and thank Cliff over at for the might just be a MiniBee
Sorry for the pics not of great quality, wife took them from inside the van.......????.......
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