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Default RE: Realistic Expectations to build a big P47...

I have built quite a few planes now, and am fairly confident in my skills. I do like to build, and have a reasonable amount of time to do it, but usually only build about 10-15 hours a week if I have nothing else going on. So, 300 hours is about 4 months, and that could be about what I am looking for.

I can put out a goldberg kit quite fast now, so I want something that takes longer to build, but not 1000+ hours. Is the 300-400 for the Yellow Kit with a fiberglass fuse and foam wings, or was that for the built up one from plans like the Ziroli?

I guess I am trying to figure out whether to get a fiberglass fuse, a precut Ziroli kit, or to warm up my scroll saw and start cutting one myself. I will do some research into the Yellow kits to see what they involve.