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Default RE: Realistic Expectations to build a big P47...

Sean, Yeh the Meister Jug is a beast!!! But I have found that I can fly a warbird this size from just about any field that you can fly a Ziroli or a Vailey from. Landing is rarely a problem, the flaps are very effective and they will come in pretty slow at about a 30 degree decent angle. As for an engine, I would recommend a Quadra 75 or equivilent...or larger wouldn't hurt, but the Quadra will fly it just fine. Also, if you're on a budget...and who isn't these days...you can often pick up a good used engine on RCU, ebay, etc. Oh yeh, before I forget, it is a 2 piece wing so it makes storage and transport easier.

I think that you would really like the Meister Jug, it is big and impressive, and fly's like a dream. And before you or anyone else asks...no I don't work for Meister Scale