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Default RE: Realistic Expectations to build a big P47...

ORIGINAL: seanucd2000

As much as I love the big planes, I just realized I wouldn't be able to set a 102" plane sideways in my garage! It wouldn't fit! Not to mention, the cost of those....

I want to get started on one fairly soon, but just thought with a Ziroli type set of plans, it would give me more "building time" for my buck, but still be a good plane. Any estimates of time to build one of these from plans? I have two four-stroke glow motors that would go good in a 70" or so size plane, but I want one just a little bigger than those.
Then it sounds to me like you're looking for a Top Flite DC-3 / C47. The glow engines would fly it and it's a trifle larger than that 70" item. I have seen one fly, and want one myself. There are at least two build threads on RCU.

If you really want a gasoline plane, that Yellow P47 flies nice. Mine needs most of 300 feet to land, but I land sort of fast. With full flaps and a quarter throttle, you could probably land on 200' of runway.

Dave Olson