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Default RE: Realistic Expectations to build a big P47...

Sean, Carey...if you have a 200' runway (that's 2/3 of a football field) and a good long clear approach...no problems. But...if it's 200' and not a good clear approach, then that's a differnt ballgame. I flew a Nosen P-47 off of a field with about a 250' (max.) runway with 8' corn fields at both ends...getting airborne was no problem...took me about 8 attempts to get her in though...barely...still clipped the corn but no damage.
I still say for your $$ the Meister is the better over all airplane.

Branded, I can build a TF in about a month (160 hrs.), glassed and painted...a Ziroli in about 2 months (320 hrs.)...a Meister in about 5 weeks (200 hrs.). Granted it depends on the level of detail. I'm not talking rivets, just panel lines, a little cockpit detail and a real good paint job.

Sean, Also think about this, regardless of the time to build, the TF typically has a wing loading on the heavy side...flies well but not terrific; the Ziroli is more difficult to build and also has a heavier wing loading (built up kit) the Ziroli glass fuse and foam wing combo is somewhat better; the Meister (fully built up) has a lower wing loading and the flight characteristics are so much better...granted this is partly due to the flat airfoil.

Okay, I guess the argument is really going to come down to this[sm=biggrin.gif] line up all the prospects together...the Meister is by far the most impressive of them all. Nobody puts out a bigger P-47, nobody puts out a P-47 that flies better.

So, those are my opinions and I'm sticking to them!

Buy the Meister...you won't be sorry...even if you have to drive further to fly it...it flies that much better!