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Default RE: Realistic Expectations to build a big P47...

Well, I have built the TF kits as well as others available. I've bee building kits since 1962 and hence I think I'm somewhat a critic/critical reviewer of such kits.

The fact is, simply put, that a Ziroli [anything] can be built, simpler, and with far less labor than any TF kit!

Building a TF kit is only akin to taking on a second job or career!

You better have lots of extra time before taking on one of thrse kits!

They have excellent instructions but who cares if it takes an inordinate time frame to complete thier kit?

T/F is known to have (drum roll please) , too many parts, too many steps (really!) in the constrtuction instructions, and just an amatuerist attempt to supply a product to compete with more mature model types suc as Ziroli supplies.....

T/F had its "day" but that day has passed IMO...