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Default Sig King Kobra info

Okay - about 15 years or so ago I went through a pair of Sig Kougars with a Fox 50/Tuned Pipe setup - I was young and wanted something FAST! and this was just before the Ultra Sport and the Patriot came out.

I don't want either of those.

Over the weekend an older club member who had just started flying again last year decided to bring out his '70s era Kougar because he thought he was ready to give it a shot with some help. I offered up my services and we joked about the whole building process of the thing and I admired the OS 40 FSR he had on the tap in front. He'd done the covering nearly like the box but instead of white base he chose silver and it looked great (for a near 30 year old hangar queen). I checked it over inside and out to make sure it hadn't rotted in any way and surprisingly everything looked great and air worthy so we took it up - it had a bit of a heavy left wing but other than that it flew great and looked fantastic on landing as they always do.

All in all I was very pleased with this walk down memory lane and now I can't get the idea of building the big king kobra out of my head. So - encourage me with some pictures if you will.

I'm thinking of powering it with a Magnum .91 RFS (not really looking for it to be super fast - just fun) and adding some B&D pnuematic retracts as well. I also want to modify the tail a bit and bring the rudder down through the elevator so that I can cure a bit of the coupling problems knife edge flight had with my kougar.