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Default 30 SIZE SWIZZLE STICK??? 30 SIZE ???

All the talk about the 60 size Swizzle Stick has opened the door for more enthusiasts of this type of plane than I thought were out there. I am waiting for the 60 size plans to arrive so I can get them copied for those who want them. AND..I was going through some plans and other things that my buddy, Ken Skelton , and I bought from an old timer who was getting out of the hobby, (I am only 79 years young and still building and flying)....anyhow, I found a complete set of plans for the BALSA USA SWIZZLE STICK 30. Plus a 4 page instruction booklet!! Just like the 40 and bigger ones..but with a 48 inch wing and 8 inch chord. About 384 inches or slightly less due to the curved wing tips. Plans show a .15 on thoughts are that a 15, 19 or at the most a 25 would be fine on it. The plans call for a .15 to a .30, but I suspect a .30 would be almost too much for the size of the plane. Just my opinion, of course. The previous owner has traced all parts not shown on the plans right on the plans. This could easily be a weekend project and I plan to knock one out myself ASAP. I am going to have copies made of this little baby when I get copies of the .60 size Swizzle Stick made. Interesting to note: I just called Balsa USA to ask about this .30 SS and the lady was quite jolly and as she laughed she said that kit was discontinued about 30 years ago with no plans for doing it in the future. Too bad, I said, but that goes along with my first law of life, which is, "Everything Good get Discontinued" (Frank Schwartz's Law #1)
So if anyone is interested, kindly contact me off line at [email protected] and I will get you a copy of this smaller SS at whatever it costs me. I am NOT in the hobby business and do not make a profit on this...just enjoy helping other old timers, scratch builders and lovers of R/C
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