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Default RE: What is ushaully the first thing to break on your Savage?

Dude, Ive had more cars that you could count. A few buddies have had the same problems with thiers if not more. NO abuse on my basher but I do abuse my REVO and its about on par with stupid things going on it. Ya, I know all about Fludding etc,etc and what the "twist" is telling you. The fact is, And HPI will attest, The starter and start assembly is Garbage on these things. HPI even told me that there have been NUMEROUSE bad batches that they never re-called. Makes you feel comfortable dont it?


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The original Roto-Start broke within the first tank of fuel, The "Under warranty" unit they gave me broke on the 3rd tank of fuel, The 3rd one broke about 3 weeks ago with the same problem so HPI sent me 3 free ones. Just broke one yestarday when the Gear in the motor locked and stripped the Roto start shaft. So the gear IS(!!) the motor broke. The one-way bearing fried after about 10 tanks of fuel.

Dude, you are SERIOUSLY abusing that thing... I had a SINGLE one-way bearing and hand-unit last 12+ gallons and span 3 engines... the last engine was a .27, and it lived for the 3 that I had it in the truck....

Ya know, if it twists or you feel it kick, it is flooded, and not just your imagination. Don't hold the button more than 2 seconds either. You are absolutely at fault here, you KNOW that it is set rich when new for breakin and the manual TELLS you to avoid flooded situaitons with it.

That said, most people seem to lose wheel hexes (and generally this ruins the inside of the wheel) first from loose hardware. The stock wheels are kinda weak in this area anyway.