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Default RE: What is ushaully the first thing to break on your Savage?

redbullssg is right. I know HPI sent out some dodgy rotostarts and thats not the users fault when they break but if you abuse them they do get broken. There is a good reason for that though if HPI made a roto start that was indestructable it would have so much torque that people would be ripping their 1 way bearings to pieces left right and centre also you would be putting a lot of stress on your motor which is the most expensive part to repair. If you are gentle with them they dont break, mine has been used to run in the engine om mine and my brothers savages and my MT" and its fine. As for the spur gears its no ones fault but your own if you dont mesh it with your pinion or dont tighten your engine mounts up and strip it. I know there are a lot of experienced guys in here who are just having bad luck with parts and im not saying that they are causing all the damage but a little bit care goes a long way to a maintenance free savage
OK guys there's my 2 cents.