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Default RE: 30 SIZE SWIZZLE STICK??? 30 SIZE ???

Put me down for the plans and intructions for one of these LITTLE Swizzlers, too, Frank!

Dear Frank Schwartz:

The PIPE Here once the BIG Swizzler-60 plans in the mail late this week...and NOW I hear you've got LITTLE Swizzler-30 plans??? (Payment for the Swiz-60 plans and instructions you've so graciously sent ARE on their way to you!)

"Put me down for a set of the plans AND instructions" for the little Swizzler-30 as well...I'll be ordering those from you in would be a GREAT "smaller brother" for my veteran Swizzler-40, and with a Saito 30 FOUR stroker in the nose, PLENTY of nice power to take it up with and "just fun around" a bit "upstairs" with!

Now I don't "quite" know if I'd want to fit such a SMALL airframe with a semi-symmetrical airfoil, as I AM planning to do with the Swiz-60 (using a Sr. Falcon airfoil on the wing, AND similarly on the redesigned horizontal "Mooney-style" tail I'll design for it)...a small Swiz like the 30 sized one MIGHT be better off with its stock flat-bottom airfoil...but those PITCH TRIM changes with varying throttle settings could be a BEAR on it in flight, like my stock-winged Swiz-40 has ALWAYS been... !!!

Just building the Swiz-30 with VERY light (contest weight) balsa wood in the wing could allow me to build it with a scaled-down Falcon 56 semi-symmetrical airfoil on ITS wing...AND an airfoiled horizontal tail like the Falcon 56 also has (and with the Mooney-style planform shapes I'd like it to have)...but I'm willing to wait until March to START being concerned about all that, as I WOULD like to get those Swiz-30 plans from you then!

Hope you get the payment for the Swiz-60 plans this coming week...and the Swiz-30 plans order will go out to you sometime in March!

Yours Sincerely,