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Default RE: What is ushaully the first thing to break on your Savage?

ive broke, spurs, upright set, suspension arm, brake disk, hex that brake disk slides onto, fuel tank, and that's about it.
Now onto the Roto start issue. My rotostart, has not been through 12 gallons as Frost's has, but mine has been through atleast 5. It is human nature no wanting to wait, and i would crank the Shizzzz outta the thing holding it for 10 seconds or more. If it began to twist, i either let it sit a second and tried again, or used the unflooding meathod. This system is the best electric start i have seen out there, and have had numerous problems with the traxxas starting system.

My most recent broken item, was a seized up SH.28. YAY out running today, nothing heavy, just easy parking lot stuff, and the engine stalls. Well tommorow it goes out to california, for warranty repair, and if they dont wanna replace it, or fix it for free, a nice collari may be in the near future. I love the engine, but right now i am pissed.