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Default RE: Kangke Waco Biplane

Still working on my "improvements" for this year. I sent in my ZDZ40 for warranty work. It wasn't priming very well with the Bing carb so they replaced it no charge and put in a walbro, like all the new ZDZ40's have. I re-installed the zdz40 along with the new TME smoke system. Compared to last year, I hope the performance is as good. Last year it was a real joy to fly and it landed great.

I am a little worried because now, I have the smoke system, 2 additional battery packs, vinyl decals, bennett gear braces and 1/4" steel gear bracing rod. I am not sure how much I added total, but I am guessing it might be around 2-3 pounds when you factor in a full 20 ounces of smoke fluid. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will still fly good.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with theirs that might keep me at piece until the snow thaws? I haven't weighed it yet. Kangke lists an average weight of 14-16 pounds. I figure even if I tip the scales at 18 pounds, the wing loading is still around 28.