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Default RE: 30 SIZE SWIZZLE STICK??? 30 SIZE ???

Some final thoughts on the SS30. I finished two of them last week. Monokote on the wing and tail surfaces. Rustoleum brush on red on the stick portion. Totally fuel proof and if you can wait until it is hard enough to sand, you can get a nice slick finish with a couple of coats. We flew both of them most of today (Sunday). One has an old OS20 and the other has a Fox 19 RC. TOO MUCH POWER! I used a steerable tail wheel on them both. I also suggest you cut the rudder bottom at more of a slant if you want to get a wee bit more up elevator. Once we got them in the air, we had to fly them at half throttle for decent flight. And we can do a tight loop at this half power from level flight. Therefore, I suggest to those that build this one that they use any old .15 for good flying. We are going to take off the 19 and 20 and put on some old .15s my buddy and I have lying around. A 15 is shown on the plans and I am convinced that anything larger than a .15 is just too much.
Oh, what radios? A JR on the one with the OS20 and full size servos. An old Hobby Lobby 3 channel on the one with the Fox 19. Lotsa fun... why the old Hobby Lobby? Well, it still works just great, so why not????
Regards to all.....