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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Hey Guys,

On the old issue of the Hitec 5995TG, I got my paper out of the box that the servo came in and will quote from it.

" CAUTION: While Hitec's HSR-5995TG Robot servo does offer wider angle of movement than the conventional sevos, close attention should be paid to the width of Pulse variation. Excessive width of pulse variation may lock the gears and cause damage to the servo. Use Hitec HFP-10 servo programmer to limit the angle of the movement to that of a conventional servo if so desired."

Remember that this is the robot servo that has up to 180 degrees of travel.


"Drop in battery voltage will cause degradation of servo performance. Make sure to use a battery with sufficient current capcity especially when more than one servo is connected and operated from a single power source (battery). Insufficient current capacity will lead to rapid drop in the battery voltage. When using Li-Poly battery, make sure the battery has sufficient maximum curreent discharge rate. Attention should also be paid to the thickness of the wire supplying power to the sevo. Voltage drop will ocurr when the current is increased if the wire supplyin gpower to the servo is too thin. Voltage fluctuation on servo connector can be detected by HFP-10 Digital Programmer."

And finally,

"WARNING: Temporary voltage drop below 4.8V may cause momentary malfunction or erratic behaviour of the servo. Do not touch the servo motor with your hands as it will resume normal operation when the voltage goes back to the normal level."

So, my question is does any of this information help shed light on the previous malfunctions?
They recommend a cable AWG20+ size and a battery current capacity 2400mAh+ with voltage 4.8 to 7.4 Current consumption of 300mA (at 6V no load) and 4.2A (at 6V lock) Were those guys using less wire/battery capacity?

Also, can I limit my servo travel with the computer radio or do I have to go out and buy a servo programmer?



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