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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Hey John,

Sorry to make you wait all day... the docs were having a pokefest..

What you describe probably would be just fine and similar ro what I did. The method AtlantaEFlyer shared a link to is very similar as well. I take it one more anal retentive step...

1) I drilled a hole above the slot using masking tape as a guard. The hole position was selected by sliding the wheel in to where I liked. (I think the stock location is a little too much wheel out of the pant myself.

2) I pushed the axle up against the wheel pant and marked the hex shape onto the pant

3) Using a small ballhead bit on my dremel I ground the material away in the hexhead shape until the axle hexhead is flush with the pant (the picture shows I need a little more depth)

4) I use a doubled 1/8" liteply block with a hole drilled in it for the other side of the pant.

Two screws and blind nuts are used through the gear and into the pant to hold the pant firm. WHat I like about my modified method is that the pant is indexed to the head and you can rotate the axle in the gear until the pant is aligned. I always had a problem getting pants aligned with the fuse and each other and this lets me fine tune it until I am happy. Then they are held in place until I get the retaining screws in place.

ORIGINAL: jrjohn

David, I might as well tell you what I'm thinking (i've done this in the past) Take the wheel axle and grind the corners off the flange nut to make it round. Then drill a hole in the wheel pants the same size as the now round nut. Then I like to make a bearing out of wood and epoxy it to the other side of the wheel pant (inside) And of coarse the two 4-40 screws through the landing gear into the wheel pant to stop it from rotating. "The slit they have in the wheel pant really weakens my set up