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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

DrScoles, did you do anything to keep your elevator extensions from falling back inside the fuse when your stabs are off? I can't use the 24" extensions I originally bought, they are just too short. I'll have to get a pair of 36" or just double up extensions and get a couple more 12"ers. I wonder how much power loss is in an additional connector?
I just put a small slit in the covering for the wire to go through... If you already cut the whole thing out, just fasten the wires to the floor with something... If the 24" are too short, why don't you just lengthen them? that way you won't end up with a ball of excess wire somewhere.... Either use an old extender, or some wire, and a soldering gun and make them just right. I see all these servo connector keepers and stuff.... easier (or more thorough) route is to eliminate the connectors and solder them. Takes a little more time, but you will appreciate it later.. (and the guys at the field won't give you **** for wires sticking everywhere )

Do you use tygon inside the tank? I cut a piece and put the clunk on it but it's too stiff to fall on it's own. Instructions with the gas stopper say to use the black stuff (brain fart, I can't think of the name).
Are you talking about Hayes fuel line? Stuff is AWESOME for nitro, will never wear out, not sure about gas. With that heavy of a clunk, I would worry about the Hayes folding over and pinching... I used tygon.... Is that the right chioice???? It seemed flexible enough, but I have little experience with gassers.....

Thanks, Mike