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So how many times should I have to flip this motor over before I see fuel goiing to the carb???

Thanks, Mike
If everything is brand new and never seen fuel, it may actually NEVER draw fuel on it's own. It's very rare, but I've heard of people sending brand new Walbro carbs back, saying they won't draw fuel, But after the engine has been running, they work flawless from then on. Try completely covering the intake with the palm of your hand, so it CANNOT suck any air through the intake, then it will draw fuel by the much higher suction of the piston rather than relying on the tiny diaphragm (that might be dry) I have never had a problem, and most of the engines are run at the factory, so it shouldn't be a problem, the ones I have heard having problems are the brand new carbs, fresh out of a box, that had never been installed on an engine.

In any case, use your hand to completely block the airflow into the carb, or prime it by pouring a little fuel into the carb, and start it, hopefully once it's running, it will draw fuel on it's own.

And, not to overlook the simple things, are the needle valves completely closed? that would give you the same problem.