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Default RE: ther****rming lexan for body mods

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the problem with forming any sheet plastic (I used to work with a meat packing company, engineered a few of their molds) is that you have to heat it VERY quickly, and it's not really vacuum forming...there's the vacuum, but you also need air pressure on the other end-and a lot of it.
what happens, basically, is that the heating element superheats the plastic film (be it lexan, polypropylene, etc etc) to a near-liquid state, then the vacuum sucks it in, and the opposing side (very high pressure) SLAMS the plastic in the mold, then it cools super quick so it doesnt' lose its shape.
if you're doing it the old fashioned way, you're in for a LOT of work.
good luck man.
He's 100% correct. For what you're attempting to accomplish, its just not practical to go through all that mess. Now if you had a whole shell to reproduce, it would make more sence. Here's some advice: I would call my LHS and inquire about a company that produces Lexan bodies and their contact information. I would then call or e-Mail that Company and simply ask them how they do it and how someone like yourself could make a formed Lexan part. Good luck.