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Default RE: Hydrolock Help!

Ahh, ok so that's what hydrolock is.......no, I don't think mine was hydrolocked - the first thing I tried was taking out the glowplug. It was still stuck and every single time that the piston got to the top it was sticking....to the point where it wouldn't budge at all. So I had to turn the starting axle without the head installed and at the same time pry the cylinder up with a small screwdriver.....performing both actions at once seemed to make it easier.

I can't think of any other thing that I could've done to stop it from sticking, and I don't see any evidence of engine damage - I think if I sanded down the cylinder too much (that's why I tried it every 15 mins, I definetly didn't want to overdue it) and lost compression that I'd see signs of it by now - but it's running great.

btw, what could have caused the "pinch"? It happened while trying to start it, it wasn't even running and all of a sudden the pull start wouldn't budge! I don't use afterrun oil.....maybe that would prevent it?