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Default RE: Hydrolock Help!

Did it become difficult to start the first time you tried to start it (i.e before run-in?) Or was it after the engine had been run a few times?
Usually engines have the greatest amount of "pinch" when they are brand new, so on every run this should decrease a little. But yes, if there had been fuel/oil in the engune previously then you might not have noticed it (lubes the piston/sleeve so they slide past each other more easily). A lack of oil or fuel (which obviously contains oil) could have made the pinch more noticeable when you tried to start it. If it is difficult to start (because of the pinch) in the future try adding a couple of drops of oil into the glow-plug hole, and turn the engine over by hand a few times to lubricate the piston.
Good to hear you solved the problem and it is now running great.