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Default What do you think about these 4 planes?

I have a few park flyers and am interested in what experiences others may have had with them:

Wattage Mini-Max
NES Pleaser 2
NES Mini Pleaser 260
Simprop Pfalz D3

I'm especially interested in the following;

What power plant did you use for the Pfalz? I got Hobby Lobby's Speed 300 & gear setup - it's loud, and sucks amps quickly. I'd be happy with a milder, quieter, longer running setup - perhaps a BB 280 with a BB 4:1 gearbox? Maybe Wattage's 370 motor?

Also, the Pleaser 2, a twin motor pod/boom flyer, seems underpowered. Any experiences out there? I have a 7 cell 500mah Nicad, with a Wattage 15A ESC. I'm told the ESC may not be delivering the proper power because it is not "hi-frequency". What's this mean?

On the Mini Pleaser 260, what battery packs do you use, and what kind of performance do you get? Do you fly it outdoors? How does it fare in light winds?