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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

ORIGINAL: rdb127

Ok, you guys seem quite idle. Here is a challange for you.

First let me say that I spoke with Chris today. He said that the next shipment is to be due early June. In the same breath I got, don't count on it, a standard disclaimer. So I ordered one for me and one for my brother. I showed him lat weekend the video of the electric version and he could not believe it. Said it flew like a kite. He has a FPE 3.2 to use and I have the Dreaded Moki 2.1

Yes I know that the Moki will only turn a 20X6 at 8000 rpm or a 20X10 at 7000 rpm. I will not be pulling out of hovers at half throttle either. I do think that I will come in at 14.5 to 15 lbs weight and that the plane will most likely fly some form of IMAC on this engine. After some time, when I can afford it I will go to a 50cc gas engine. (after I have learned some IMAC too!

So here is my question. What is the distance from the firewall to the front of the cowl (when installed)? I will have a balance challenge and look forward to getting as much weight out front as possible. If I got the prop out say 1/2 to 1 inch forward of the cowl my w&b might be managable. This engine with radial mount and Bisson pitts muffler weighs in at 3 lb 10 oz and can do a 4 inch True Turn spinner for added weight out front. I am looking to bring the weight out as far forward as I can and will try to build out the firewall.
Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Wayne?

Richard I aint got enough money for a trailer and engine Bahmann

RDB127...it is 6" as stated earlier...i just measured it. This distance is if you mount the cowl just over the first "bulkhead" as per manual.....you will really enjoy this thing...good luck!